A bilious confection

July 4, 2007

My respect for academia was stricken with yet another blow yesterday when I received news that a colleague, the impression of whose mental flaccidity and ability to sully the pages of any text with his blindly-flung bullshit has not received any abatement since I first met him, has accepted a tenure track position at a well-respected university. Nor is he the only colleague who seeks the Good Life in a close, oral inspection of our faculty’s collective ass – only the most recent to have purchased some success through his osculant efforts. Some of them even seem to go about this as a sort of Pokemon game, hunting down and conversationally cornering the professors who most resist their sycophancy.


3 Responses to “A bilious confection”

  1. ortho stice Says:

    Greetings. We love your new blog decor.

    When shall you enter the academic game?

  2. Nathaniel Says:

    Thanks Ortho. I hope the new decor is a bit easier on the eyes.

    My toe has already been dipped in the academic waters, and it was an incredibly profitable experience, entirely because I happened to hit it off with a couple of those same professors who were so hunted by the ass-kissing types. As for playing the game? If I get to that point, I hope someone’s around to call me on it.

  3. ortho stice Says:

    don’t worry…i’ll call you on it.

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