The urban island

June 18, 2007

My own, hitherto unpublished idea is to give it to the island nation of Tuvalu, which will likely be underwater soon as a result of global warming. Could there possibly be a more fruitful series of interactions than the ones that would occur if we were able to make room for such a radically different nation so close to the (globalized) heart of our own?


2 Responses to “The urban island”

  1. sleepy kev Says:

    Perhaps, once they’ve been relocated, we’ll have the fascinating experience of watching Governor’s Island also sink under the waves, and then we can find some other, slightly higher altitude, locale for them to inhabit, and so on until the whole world is underwater. It could be the multiple seasons of a reality show, grotesque and repetitive.

  2. ortho stice Says:

    great idea, Nathaniel! did you submit it to the contest?

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