May 24, 2007

Edit (7/17/08): Since this is by far the most popular thing on this site, it figures that maybe somebody has gotten a tattoo inspired by my magic marker tattoo here. If this is the case, please e-mail me pics at my gmail address, username: dymaxion.



3 Responses to “Canvassing”

  1. elliott Says:

    is this a real tattoo

  2. sleepy kev Says:

    And who was the tattoo artist? Credit is due!

  3. Nathaniel Says:

    Elliott, not a real tattoo – I’m not sure I could ever actually get one, and certainly not one that large.

    And Kev, the artist is Ernesto, who did this piece at my request. He claims not to be good at drawings of animals, but I think he did a swell job.

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