Ve-ry sagacious!

October 5, 2006

Even though I never choose a genre for songs I import into iTunes, some songs from other sources come pre-tagged with one. When they do, I like to see a song tagged as “unclassifiable.” It gives me a little laugh to imagine a whole team of musicologists racking their brains over what label to assign Animal Collective. Eventually, one member of the team throws up his hands and, sighing, says, “Unclassifiable.” He is met with relieved nods.


2 Responses to “Ve-ry sagacious!”

  1. Gwyddnoschdy Says:

    Er, Animal Collective, splain me please.


    Re: Foley, shite et al.
    Behold, one more chink in the armor, one more piece of evidence of the Argentinization of America, another piece of evidence toward my theory that Washington is losing any pertinent relevance to the rest of us, never mind the rest of the world.

    I go now to consort with Morbius.

  2. chronofile Says:

    Animal Collective is… *waggles hands dramatically*… unclassifiable!

    No, they’re actually just a not-too-musically-interesting bunch of neo-folk people who go by animal names.

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