“It’s like Joan Rivers’s face”

October 5, 2006

FoleybizarreCan somebody please help me deconstruct this image?

We’ve got Foley, we’ve got what I believe are two different buildings – the Capitol and something else –, a PowerBook, a flag, and a bunch of translucent squares. In short, we’ve got the political equivalent of a Lisa Frank binder.

Is the flag swooping down from above to cover the whole shameful mess? That would explain the blurry flag, but I can’t possibly be convinced that translucent white squares have a part in the shamefulness of the situation.

Maybe those squares are a symbolic barrier, between the imposing, (radiant?!), disdainful facade of the Capitol and the shifty-eyed Foley. Or maybe the awfulness of the whole design is intended to conjure up images of pre-2005 web design – though it was hardly as awful as that.

Or, just maybe, anyone’s guess is as good as mine.


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